The Making Of The Kids Menu

The making of the Kids Menu
Our littlest guests are as important as our big guests and we take the same time and care into creating the children’s menus as do our a la carte menus. When we create a new kids menu we use the same ingredients, the same suppliers and the same skill to ensure that the food tastes as delicious as it can to tempt even the most demanding of tiny taste buds.
Our current menus were developed alongside our current à la carte menu and you will see many elements appear in our children’s menu. We strongly believe that children want to try new tastes and textures and we know the grown-ups want to ensure that their children are eating healthily but also enjoying the experience of dining out. Just because it is healthy doesn’t mean it can’t be tasty! We also wanted to make sure that the menu was as inclusive as possible so we included dishes that catered for all dietary requirements.
Of course, you can’t launch a new menu without testing it and we weren’t short of volunteers to tuck into the burger, the jackfruit fritters or madeleines with chocolate dipping sauce!
A delicious menu for children also needs a fun introduction so we created the characters Digger, Coco and Rufus who will be taking our youngest diners on plenty of adventures over the coming months. Watch this space!